Buckeye Ag Supply

Truck Skid

Go from Hopper to Truck Skid in Minutes

  • 16′ or 18′ framed bed (other dimensions available)
  • Adjustable king pin
  • Heavy-duty tube frame
  • LED lighting with front hookout from tractor
  • 1.5″ wood bed
  • 8,000-lb storage jack stands
  • Different plumbing options for your needs
  • Various chemical inductor options
  • Pull seed tender, or desired trailer, behind skid using rear integrated receiver hitch and rear RV hook-up

No Tractor Modifications Required

  • Step 1 – Back under Skid
  • Step 2 – Lock fifth wheel plate on Skid king pen
  • Step 3 – Attach front and rear Skid mounts to tractor using supplied pinch plates